Our Race Car

AJR Top Fuel Dragster
A Top Fuel Dragster accelerates quicker than any other land vehicle on earth…

Chassis: Brad Hadman

TFX 500, Alan Johnson Stage VII cylinder heads,
Alan Johnson Fuel System, Alan Johnson Stage II manifold

Body Material: Carbon Fiber
Bore & Stroke: 4.187 X 4.50
Tires/Wheels: Sanders Wheels/Goodyear Tires
Wheel Base: 300 inches (25 feet)
Weight: 2320 lbs. with driver
Nitromethane Fuel: 12 gallons per run
Computer: RacePak
Tools: Snap-On
Redline Oil

Horsepower: 7,000 – 8,000
Acceleration: 0-100 mph in .9 seconds
0-275 mph in 3 seconds
0-330 mph in 4.5 seconds

Faster than the space shuttle or a jet fighter plane…

4.7 g-forces at launch
5.5 max G-force
4.5 negative g-forces upon parachute deployment at 300 mph